Eat These Foods To Get More Glutamine Into Your Diet

Excerpt via: Natural Sources of L-Glutamine


A great natural source of L-glutamine is animal-based foods, such as eggs, pork and chicken. Eating meat and eggs is also beneficial when your body is trying to recover from physical stress because, not only are they rich in L-glutamine, but these foods are great sources of protein as well. Both protein and L-glutamine are necessary for damaged tissues to heal. To eat these foods in as natural a state as possible, look for meats and eggs that are from animals not fed added hormones or antibiotics.


Many dairy-based foods are also rich in L-glutamine. These include yogurt, milk, cottage cheese and ricotta cheese. To reduce the amount of fat and calories you eat while still getting an adequate amount of L-glutamine, opt for low-fat versions of these dairy products. As with meats and eggs, the high protein content of dairy products make these great foods to aid the healing process. Choosing dairy products from cows that are fed a diet free of hormones and antibiotics also enhances the purity of these foods.


Vegetarians can enjoy many foods that are a rich source of L-glutamine. L-glutamine-rich vegetables include spinach, cabbage and parsley, especially in their raw forms. Additionally, oats and wheat germ are also good vegetarian-friendly sources of L-glutamine.
Image by net_efekt via Flickr