Glutamine Powder vs. Capsules

You may have noticed as you research the benefits of  l-glutamine that it is sold in powder form and capsule form.  Does it really matter which form that you use?

It is probably a matter more of personal preference — for example,you just can’t stand to take pills or capsules.  But there are plenty of ‘experts’ in the natural health community that advise using powder, liquid and tincture versions of supplements when we can,  because it is more easily digested and assimilated by the body.

Some gel capsules are made out of materials that don’t break down easily in your stomach; and if you have compromised digestive function (just not enough stomach acid, for example) then you just might not get the maximum benefit from the supplement that you are taking.  And, some capsules are made out of ingredients that contain questionable (toxic?) materials.

Glutamine powder is tasteless and odorless, so mixing it into a protein shake or your morning oatmeal is an easy way to consume it. If you do opt for a capsule, it’s a good idea that you are also using a good digestive enzyme. (I personally use HCL tablets with each meal anyway…but this is not a good idea  for everyone)

Also, if you are using an l-glutamine formula with multiple ingredients, such as Aloe Force for IBS (contains l-glutamine and aloe), then using a capsule for your dosage just makes sense.

**See several major brands of glutamine powder here.