L-Glutamine: A Mighty Amino Acid For The Body Has Many Benefits To Offer

L-Glutamine: A Mighty Amino Acid For The Body Has Many Benefits To Offer

We know proteins are important for the body, right? But how many of us know what are they made of? Protein is made up of amino acids which play an important role in our body and overall health. L-glutamine is a vital amino acid that caters to multiple functions including immune functions, neurotransmission, hormone synthesis and intestinal health. Our body does produce glutamine and it can also be obtained from other dietary sources. Renowned lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho recently talked about L-glutamine and its benefits to educate people about vital elements for health. We have curated this article to inform our readers about this mighty amino acid.

Why are amino acids important?

Luke Coutinho started his video by talking about the importance of amino acids for health and wellness. As per him, a lot of health problems are taken care of by L-Glutamine. These include weight management, poor immunity, hair loss, mental health, gut health, muscle growth, to name but a few. There are so many functions managed by this amino acid and this is why it is one of the crucial building blocks for protein.

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What does the amino acid glutamine do?

The nutrients present in food gets absorbed in the blood and are circulated to the body through blood vessels. But if our health is not in place or say, there are bacteria thriving in the body especially the gut, you may not get benefited with just nutrients. Amino acids then come to your rescue. They back the weak immune system and fight off bacteria, virus and other hostile elements to fix health issues. This is why having sufficient amino acids like L-glutamine is very important to ward off unforeseen issues. Luke Coutinho also busts the myth around protein that L-glutamine can only be obtained through non-vegetarian foods. There are several vegetarians foods that contain this might amino acid. Here are some food sources of L-Glutamine:

  • Meat
  • Sea Food
  • Milk
  • Nuts
  • Eggs
  • Cabbage
  • Protein drinks
  • BeansApart from this, some people also take glutamine supplements. If you plan to do so, first consult a nutritionist to understand the pros and cons.


    Benefits of L-Glutamine

    Here are some notable benefits of amino acid L-Glutamine.

    Great for liver health

    Not just for gut health but this amino acid is also beneficial for liver health. The reason being the production of Glutathione which is a powerful antioxidant for holistic health. You can have Glutathione with Vitamin C for exceptional benefits.

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