L-glutamine Benefits for Diabetes Control

Do you know that l-glutamine can also control diabetes? I found this great article and I am sharing it.

A recent review on the effects of glutamine in obese and diabetic subjects Molfino et.al. (Molfino. 2010) cite (among others) the results of a study, in the course of which:

¬†“type 2 diabetes patients, obese individuals, and obese nondiabetic control subjects were given oral Gln supplementation. Gln increasedcirculating glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1), glucosedependent insulinotropic polypeptide, and insulin concentration (43). Interestingly, the GLP-1 response to Gln was not different in the diabetic group compared with the obese and the lean control subjects, suggesting that it might be possible to circumvent the diabetes-associated GLP-1 secretory defect with agents that target alternative pathwaysin the L-cells releasing GLP-1 (43). ” (Molfino. 2010)

¬†Based on this interesting, yet hitherto mostly ignored influence of L-glutamine supplementation on insulin sensitivity and other recent findings, the researchers conclude:. More at Positive Effect of L-Glutamine on Insulin Sensitivity – SuppVersity …

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