6 Supplements For Healthy Weight Loss

Do you want a more natural way in losing weight? Don’t worry,  there are herbs that can help lose weight including l-glutamine. Excerpt via 6 Herbs for Weight Loss – Natural Health 1. BOOST YOUR […]

Does Glutamine Help With Stomach Ulcers?

If you have a history of ulcers,  several grams per day of  l-glutamine powder can assist the body in healing the stomach lining and GI tract tissues, according to nutritionist Racheal Richardson.  L-glutamine and Stomach […]

Can Glutamine Help Heal An Inflamed Esophagus?

L-glutamine supplementation has shown promising results when used for Crohn’s symptom management, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)  and ulcerative colitis. (and if you have ever heard of something called ‘leaky gut’, glutamine is an excellent gut […]

Glutamine Powder vs. Capsules

You may have noticed as you research the benefits of  l-glutamine that it is sold in powder form and capsule form.  Does it really matter which form that you use? It is probably a matter […]

What Is Glutamine?

What is glutamine? Is this a miracle supplement, or is it just a bunch of hype? We will attempt to set the record straight on this amino acid glutamine. (glutamine is often referred to a […]

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