Is It L-Glutamine or Glutamine?

You may be wondering why the terms ‘glutamine‘ and ‘l-glutamine‘ seem to be used almost interchangeably. The ingredient labels for l-glutamine powders or capsules can be confusing. Is there a difference between glutamine and  l-glutamine […]

Ten More Exciting L-Glutamine Health Benefits

Are you wondering about l-glutamine health benefits ?  Most people think that this supplement is ‘just for body builders’.  Truth is, glutamine has an impressive list of benefits, for all sorts of health issues. This […]

L-glutamine Benefits for Diabetes Control

Do you know that l-glutamine can also control diabetes? I found this great article and I am sharing it. A recent review on the effects of glutamine in obese and diabetic subjects Molfino (Molfino. […]

6 Supplements For Healthy Weight Loss

Do you want a more natural way in losing weight? Don’t worry,  there are herbs that can help lose weight including l-glutamine. Excerpt via 6 Herbs for Weight Loss – Natural Health 1. BOOST YOUR […]

Does Glutamine Help With Stomach Ulcers?

If you have a history of ulcers,  several grams per day of  l-glutamine powder can assist the body in healing the stomach lining and GI tract tissues, according to nutritionist Racheal Richardson.  L-glutamine and Stomach […]

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