Myths and Facts About L-Glutamine

It is a common belief that L-Glutamine is only useful as a health supplement for those involved in extreme physical activities, such as body builders and weight lifters.

What you may not know is that L-Glutamine also provides numerous health benefits, completely unrelated to building muscle mass or improving recovery time after exercise.

We all know that essential amino acids are the building blocks of the human body. Glutamine, or more commonly known as L-Glutamine, is one of the most abundant free amino acids needed by the body to continue repairing and creating healthier cells.

As L-Glutamine is only considered as a semi-essential amino acid, this means that the body will be able to generate its own supply of glutamine that it needs. However, there are situations wherein the body will be unable to produce sufficient or higher levels;  this is where supplementation may be a good option.Continue Reading