Ten More Exciting L-Glutamine Health Benefits

Are you wondering about l-glutamine health benefits ?  Most people think that this supplement is ‘just for body builders’.  Truth is, glutamine has an impressive list of benefits, for all sorts of health issues.

This article will focus on three primary areas that L-Glutamine can be tremendously beneficial:

1)  Maintaining proper levels of cellular energy;

2)  Reducing muscle degeneration for critically ill patients;

3)  Increasing muscle gain for athletes in training.


1.    Irritable bowel syndrome – If you suffer from this syndrome that is associated with diarrhea and poor digestion, l-glutamine can help.  The supplement works by repairing the gastrointestinal lining, and improving nutrient absorption. (see l-glutamine and IBS)

2.    If you have diabetes, l-glutamine is used to effectively aid in glucose utilization by keeping blood sugar levels normal.  L-Glutamine health benefits include reducing insulin resistance in those who have a diet high in fats.

3.    Depression and mood swings.   Another of the l-glutamine health benefits is increasing a more positive outlook and removing toxic ammonia wastes from brain tissues.

4.    One of the top muscle building supplements is l-glutamine.  For those training in endurance sports, L-Glutamine supplementation may provide improved protein synthesis and improved muscle gain.

5.    L-Glutamine health benefits can be used for arthritis treatment by repairing the damaged cartilage tissues contributed to age-related joint degeneration.

6.   Arthritis remedy? An added benefits is increased energy and immune system support, which can help with arthritis (arthritis is often a manifestation of autoimmune problems)

7.    Autoimmune diseases that cause the immune system to attack its own tissues and cells may be improved with l-glutamine supplementation.

8.    Because L-Glutamine can cross the blood and brain barriers, it has been used to benefit Schizophrenia patients.  Brain activity is improved and ammonia by-products from the brain are removed. L-Glutamine health benefits include improved IQ and the stabilizing of brain impulses and aid in the healing of brain tissue.

9.    One of the side-effects of cancer treatments, such as radiation therapy, can damage healthy tissue as well as the cancer sites.  If it is taken along with the radiation, L-Glutamine amino acids can reduce the damaging effects of the radiation on healthy tissue.

10.    Harmful ammonia is a by product from the body that can lead to serious health conditions.  L-Glutamine health benefits include removing this harmful by product from the body.

Side effects of l-glutamine:  It should be noted that individuals who have any form of liver or kidney conditions, or Reye’s disease, should not take L-Glutamine supplements due to the possibility of adverse side effects.

In rare instances, L-Glutamine side effects may include headaches or interaction with some prescription drugs.  As always, check with your doctor or health care provider before adding this or any other supplement. Read more articles on l-glutamine health benefits.