L-Glutamine Amino Acid Promotes Anti-Catabolic Workouts

While you are working hard in the gym, your body is using up your natural stores of l-glutamine.   When there is not enough available, the body simply takes it from muscle tissues…and this leads to catabolism.  Some experts will tell you that during intense workouts, you will quickly use up half of your naturally available stores of this amino acid.

L-Glutamine Prevents Catabolism

In case you did not know, catabolism is a metabolic process that is destructive.  When working out, we want to build muscles, not tear them down. This is where l-glutamine supplementation is beneficial.

L-glutamine is a foundational anti-catabolic amino acid and you should be taking it before and after your intense workouts.  This will ensure that you actually gain physical benefits from your exercise and training, instead of setting yourself back.

How L-glutamine Benefits Your Workouts