L-glutamine and Gut Health

Did you know that your immune system health is directly related to gut health? A condition known as ‘leaky gut’ may be impacting your digestive health and sending your immune system into overdrive.   L-glutamine supplementation may be worth a look.

From wellnessmama.com:

Leaky Gut is that scary problem in which your gut walls are allowing anything and everything into your body.  See, your gut is this hollow tube that is meant to keep the stuff that is outside your body from getting inside your body.

That means there’s an unchecked flow of particles that should stay outside of the body floating around inside of you.  Your immune system hates this.  It reacts violently to get rid of these invaders.

Even though Leaky Gut Syndrome was discovered in the 1980’s, modern medicine is behind the curve with their adoption of new research…

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