Top 5 L-Glutamine Benefits for Healthy Bodies…

While glutamine is used frequently in workout supplements to enhance a person’s ability to produce lean muscle, there are also a variety of benefits available to someone not on a strict exercise regimen. I have put together a list of health benefits of  l- glutamine that illustrate the broad benefits of this key amino acid in the human body.

L-Glutamine Is A Foundational Amino Acid

Essential amino acids are the basic building blocks of the human body and glutamine, sometimes called L-glutamine, is considered the most abundant free amino acid.

It is technically a semi-essential amino acid, meaning the body is normally able to produce on its own the amount it needs. However, there are times when either the body is unable to produce enough or more is required based on certain health or fitness goals.

When You May Want L-Glutamine Supplementation

Extreme situations when the body needs more glutamine than it can produce on its own include trauma, such as surgery, burns or cancer. At these times, it is important to have an adequate intake of L-glutamine. You can do this with supplementation.  The easiest way to consume extra l-glutamine is with a powder supplement (Find out the glutamine powder here.) ; mix it into shakes, oatmeal, etc.  It is virtually tasteless.

#1 L-Glutamine Benefit- Strong Immune System

A study of bone marrow transplant patients that were given glutamine supplements showed a decrease in the incidence of infections and a shortening in the hospital stay.

It is also sometimes used in IV nutrition for critically ill patients. For patients who may have prolonged bed rest, an l-glutamine supplement can prevent loss of muscle.

#2 L-Glutamine Benefit-IBS and Chrons Disease

There are other occasions when a glutamine supplement is beneficial. Glutamine works as a fuel for the cells lining the intestines and promotes a healthy digestive tract. Therefore, a supplement can help with gastro-intestinal disorders, including Crohn’s disease.

Taking a glutamine supplement can help the intestinal walls to repair more rapidly, which in turn leads to better digestion and absorption of nutrients by the body.  Using even a small amount can relieve feelings of queasiness in the stomach. It is easily the most important aspect of good intestinal health.

Health experts tell us that 10-20% of the world’s population  suffers from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), which can range from mild to severe symptoms. L-glutamine supplementation is reported to help with the management of  IBS symptoms. (If your symptoms are severe, a medical professional should be consulted first.)  See l-glutamine and IBS

#3 L-Glutamine Benefits–Brain Health and Mood Enhancement

Glutamine is believed to be necessary for normal brain functions and a supplement can be taken to improve mental alertness, memory and mood. (Read more on glutamine benefits here.) It can be taken to help improve depression, anxiety, moodiness and irritability. Glutamine may also help to minimize withdrawal symptoms for alcoholics.

#4 L-Glutamine Benefits Liver Health

It is believed to help protect the liver from damage associated with chemotherapy or even drugs such as acetaminophen. L-glutamine helps cleanse the liver on a regular basis by eliminating fatty waste products.

#5 — L-Glutamine Benefits — Enhanced Work Out Recovery

While athletes may take it to help promote recovery during training and building lean muscle, it can also protect the immune system from the stress of over training.

When the proper dosages are followed, glutamine supplements are considered to be safe without any major side effects for most people, and helps keep the body in proper working order.

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