Side Effects of L-Glutamine Supplementation

Do you have any idea what are the side effects of l-glutamine? Users should be aware of any potential risks of taking this supplement. The most likely side effects to be experienced are constipation and bloating. In very rare cases, headaches may result or there may be negative interaction with some medications. As always, consulting a physician about possible interactions with currently prescribed medicine is a good idea.

Side Effects of L-Glutamine to Kidney

Individuals with Reye’s syndrome, kidney conditions or cirrhosis of the liver are advised to avoid L-glutamine supplements due to the possible accumulation of ammonia in the blood. There is also the possibility it could reduce the effectiveness of medications used to treat those diseases.

Side Effects of L-Glutamine to Pregnant Women or Breastfeeding

Women who are pregnant or breast feeding are urged to avoid using L-glutamine as a precaution because not enough is known about whether there are any side effects or not.

Allergic Reaction is One of the Side Effects of L-Glutamine

Anyone who is sensitive to monosodiumglutamate may also want to avoid using a glutamine supplement since the body will convert the glutamine to glutamate which could lead to a severe allergic reaction. Glutamine may decrease the effectiveness of lactulose.

Some Side Effects of L-Glutamine

There is also a fear among some health professionals that a glutamine supplement might increase the possibility of seizures in some people who are already prone to them.

Fortunately, l-glutamine is largely considered to be safe for adults and children when taken orally in proper doses. Adults are advised to use no more than 40 grams of glutamine daily, and for children the dosage should not be more than 0.65 grams per kilogram of weight per day. Health officials currently do not know enough about possible side effects at higher doses in children.

Since glutamine occurs naturally in the body, taking a supplement of it is relatively safe. Except in very rare cases, side effects of l-glutamine are minor and limited to the digestive system. There is the remote possibility of interactions with some medications, but this likely can be avoided through a consultation with a physician.

More importantly, there are numerous benefits that can be realized by using an L-glutamine supplement, especially if the proper dosage is followed. If you suspect that your are experiencing side effects of l-glutamine,   stop taking the supplement and consult with your healthcare professional if the symptoms persist.  See articles on the side effects of l-glutamine.

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